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Friendship City  -  Auckland, New Zealand
What is Auckland like?
LocationAuckland is located in the northern part of North Island of New Zealand. The city is located in the narrow part of the Northland Peninsula between the South Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea.
Area 4,894 square kilometers
Population1,643,900  (by census of 2020)
ClimateSince New Zealand is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the climate is opposite to that of Japan. Although July and August are the middle of summer in Japan, New Zealand has winter. It is said that "there are four seasons in a day" throughout a year in Auckland. (Winter is from night to morning, Spring and Summer are during the daytime, and Autumn is evening)
Time differencePlus 3 hours to Japan (3 hours ahead of Japan)

For example, when it is noon in Japan, it is 3:00 p.m. in Auckland.

* Daylight-saving time starts on the first Sunday in October and ends on the third Sunday in March. During daylight-saving time, Auckland is 4 hours ahead of Japan.
Town Hall (completed in 1911)
Town Hall and City Hall
Auckland is "City of Sails"
Although the capital city of New Zealand is Wellington, Auckland in North Island has a population of some 1,460,000 and is the largest city in New Zealand. Maori is the aborigines in New Zealand, and the population in New Zealand is composed of various ethnical, racial, and social backgrounds.

Auckland is not only the center of foreign trade, but also the center of commerce and industry. The city is the main entrance of air and sea in New Zealand.

Geographically speaking, Auckland is located at the narrow part of North Island and has two beautiful harbors. One is called Waitemata Harbor in the north part of the city, and the other is called Manukau Harbor in the south part of the city. Auckland is also called "City of Sails" and sailboats lining the harbors certainly look impressive.
A view of a marina in "City of Sails" Auckland
Downtown Auckland seen from Mt. Eden. Sky Tower is the tallest tower in the Southern Hemisphere.
Downtown Auckland seen from the sea
Shinagawa Ward and Auckland
Since 1987, Shinagawa Ward had been enjoying a friendly relationship with Mount Roskill. But in 1989, Mount Roskill was consolidated into Auckland. Therefore, Shinagawa Ward signed a friendship city agreement with Auckland based on the friendship Shinagawa Ward established with Mount Roskill. Some of the points in common between Shinagawa Ward and Auckland are as follows: (1) Both of them singed the non-nuclear declaration. (2) Both of them are on almost the same latitude although they are in the different hemispheres. (3) New Zealand is the country surrounded by the sea just like Japan.
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