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Homestay Program for Young People
Our homestay program sends young people to the sister city of Portland, Maine in the United States and two friendship cities, Geneva in Switzerland, and Auckland in New Zealand. They accept students from Shinagawa every two years.

Prospective students from their second year in junior high school to their third year in high school who live in Shinagawa City or attend schools in Shinagawa City are eligible for the homestay program. Selected students learn the culture and customs through their daily living in the countries where they stay.

Through their homestay experience, the students deepen mutual understandings with people in each country and become more aware of international societies. The purpose of the homestay program is to expand cultural exchange at the citizen's level.

In the meantime, host families who accept the students from the three foreign cities play very important roles in the students' successful homestay, as the age of the students are between thirteen and eighteen. The students who come to Japan for homestay have a great interest in Japanese culture and customs and expect to have a meaningful experience in daily living while staying with their host families.

We sincerely would like to ask you for your cooperation to accept students from the three foreign cities in order to promote international exchange programs in Shinagawa City. To expand the friendship in cultural exchange programs at a citizen's level, your family is the one who can make the dreams and challenges of young people from the three foreign cities come true.
Our plan to sending and accept students in 2013
 Cities Planned periodApplication
AcceptancePortlandFrom July 22 (Mon.) to Aug. 4 (Sun.)Detailed information for the application of the programs will be available in our bulletin, May issue, our website, and Shinagawa City News.
SendingGenevaFrom July 30 (Tue.) to Aug. 15(Thu.)
SendingAucklandFrom Aug. 3 (Sat.) to Aug. 27 (Tue.)
Homestay in Geneva
Farewell party
With host family
Zermatt trip
Miniature Railway at Vapeur Park
Homestay in Auckland
Downtown seen from Mt. Eden
Maori's threat posture
Dinner with a large family
Riding on a Jet Boat
Homestay in Portland, Maine
Willowbrook Museum
Seeds of Pease Camp
Hadlock Field
Casco Bay Pier
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