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2-1-36 Hiromachi,Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 140-0005 Japan (Map)
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About Shinagawa-ku International Friendship Association(SIFA) Accepting Applications for Support Members
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Accepting Applications for Support Members
This is the 18th year since the establishment of the Friendship Association.
The association implements a range of activities, such as:
1) Goodwill promotion projects including sister-city exchanges
2) Citizen exchange projects
3) Popularization projects
4) PR survey projects
We have been invigorating involvement in these projects as well as advertising the main project details and activity statuses through our “SIFA News”.

These projects operate on the following three types of income.
1) Interest generated from deposited funds
2) Subsidies from Shinagawa Ward
3) Supporters’ membership fees
In order to expand our international goodwill relationship by more actively promoting exchange activities, we ask support from much more people. Accordingly, members who support the association’s objectives are hereby solicited as follows.
Solicitation of support members
EligibilitySupport membership is open to all who support the association’s objectives.
Membership periodApril 1st ~ March 31st
Membership fee (Annual)Private member : ¥3,000
Group member : ¥10,000
Corporate member : ¥20,000
Your understanding and cooperation are greatly appreciated.
Request concerning payment of support membership fees
Dear Support Members:
We would like to express our appreciation for your continued support and cooperation.
As the new fiscal year has just begun, we would be grateful if you would pay the support members’ fees for fiscal 2004.
Payment of membership fees
Please make payment in any of the following ways;
1) Post office transfer using the “transfer slip” sent by the association
2) Bank transfer (please kindly include any bank handling charges)
3) Cash payment directly to the desk at the association
Contact for Application / Inquiries
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