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Young People's Home Stay
We at Shinagawa-ku International Friendship Association (SIFA) introduce students from Portland, Maine in the U.S., Geneva in Switzerland and Auckland in New Zealand to host families in Shinagawa City. We send students to host families in these three cities every other year. (*We finished sending students to Auckland in 2010.)

Students who live in Shinagawa City as young as second year in junior high school and as old as third year in high school are the prospective students we send to host families in these cities. They study the culture and lifestyle of the countries where they stay; deepen mutual understanding; and learn more about the city we live in for the purpose of expanding cultural exchange in the common citizenry.

The ages of the students from the three cities range from 13 to 18, and whether they are able to enjoy staying in Japan or not all depends on how their host families treat them. Since all students staying with their host families in Shinagawa City show very strong interest in Japanese culture and lifestyle, they really look forward to having meaningful and productive experiences during their stay with their host families.

We would truly like you serve as a host family and accept students for the sake of their further development of international exchange in Shinagawa City; expansion of the ring of exchange in the common citizenry; and above all, the realization of the "Dream and Challenge" of the students. Your cooperation is essential.
Accepting and Sending Students in 2018
  Cities Students Stay Scheduled Periods of Stay Recruitment
Students to acceptPortland, Maine in the U.S. July 23rd to Aug. 1st

*Please check the Sports Exchange page

Geneva in Switzerland July. 27th to Aug. 10th *Currently recruiting
Auckland in New Zealand Sep. 28th to Oct. 11th *The recruitment start on May 1st
Students to send *The next sending is the Geneva in 2019
Homestay in Geneva
An trip to the Matterhorn
With host family
An trip to the Matterhorn
Farewell party
With host family
Zermatt trip
Miniature Railway at Vapeur Park
Homestay in Auckland
Downtown seen from Mt. Eden
Maori's threat posture
Dinner with a large family
Riding on a Jet Boat
Homestay in Portland, Maine
Willowbrook Museum
Seeds of Pease Camp
Hadlock Field
Casco Bay Pier
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